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Mary Montague Sikes

Mary Montague SikesMary Montague Sikes: Monti is a writer, photographer, and world traveler. She is the author of Hotels to Remember, a book filled with the history and color photographs of some of the most memorable hotels Monti has visited. She has also written a romance novel, Hearts Across Forever, and has co-authored Published! Now Sell It, a book of helpful suggestions for fellow writers wishing to market their books successfully. Monti is available to speak on writing about and photographing places you visit; keeping and illustrating a travel journal; promoting your published work with visuals and photographs; choosing and developing an appealing setting for your book; and using ghosts, reincarnation, and other paranormal elements in your work. She can be reached at P. O. Box 182, West Point, VA 23181; (804) 843-3284; or via email. Monti also invites you to visit her website.

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