Monti displays Published! at Virginia Festival of the Book.

Published! Now $ell It!
A new "how to market" book for authors.
Most writers need help marketing their published books. Written for writers, by writers, this book
offers tips on creating brochures, press kits, press releases, getting on the radio and television,
developing a web presence and much more
"An informed and informative guide
compiled by the experienced and
expert book publicity and
marketing team of Mary Montague Sikes,
Jean C. Keating, Mildred H. B. Roberson,
E. R. Kallus and Joseph Guion."
--Bookwatch, March 2006
Can love reach across time and space?
Can a love lost in Colonial Jamaica be rediscovered in modern times?
Visit Rose Hall Great House and the world of the "white witch."

Discover the stories behind 20 memorable hotels.
Through her own original paintings and photographs,
Sikes shows places that attract us and delight our senses.
This beautiful 220-page coffee table book is available
in limited edition, author-signed copies.
To purchase, contact Mary Montague Sikes at

Giclee fine art prints, signed and numbered limited edition prints
of each hotel are available for $65 each.

Note cards featuring an original hotel painting are
available in packages of 6 cards for $12


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