E.R. Kallus

          E. R. Kallus is an experienced writer whose first novel is Denial of Solace. A second, Danny in the Liar�s Den is nearly complete. He writes about flying, aviation history, military history, and travel.

          His writing was sparked by an avid interest in history and two careers: one as a naval aviator who, when exiled to the Pentagon, found he enjoyed writing; the second as an airline pilot. He's a member of the Chesapeake Writers Club and the California Writers Club, and for several years he was an editorial assistant for the California Historical Society Quarterly.

          If there�s anything he likes better than writing, it�s traveling. Most of it has been to Europe, but he�s visited every continent except Antarctica. His happiest days away from home are those when he can mingle with the locals and fool them, however briefly, into thinking he�s one of them. He�s been successful in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and Spain, but the canny folk in the British Isles spotted him instantly.


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