Millie Roberson

Mildred H.B. Roberson is a retired professor of nursing with over 40 years combined nursing education, service, and administrative experience. She is also a researcher/scholar of Southern African American health culture with 25 professional publications and has presented numerous papers and speeches at national and international meetings. In 1997, she received the Leininger Transcultural Nursing Award for leadership in the transcultural nursing field.

She obtained her nursing diploma in Boston, her BSN at Case Western Reserve, her MSN in Community Health Nursing at Medical College of Virginia, and her PhD in nursing at the University of Utah. It was while conducting her doctoral research that she met Claudine Curry Smith, a retired midwife, and together they began plans to some day record Mrs. Smith�s experiences.

My Bag Was Always Packed: The Life and Times of a Virginia Midwife is the result of their plans. It documents Mrs. Smith�s life experiences, as well as the times in which she has lived and practiced.

Dr. Roberson served on a local museum committee as an interviewer & committee member for a project called "Closing the Gap" to record oral histories of area African Americans, a regional board to address area health needs, and a statewide task force on Arthritis.  She is the Red Cross coordinator for "Armed Forces Emergency Services" for the 3 county chapter. She verifies illness/death of family members of military folk so the military can decide whether to bring their member home. She also tutors in reading locally at the public schools. She is very active in politics, currently serving as a Precinct Captain.

She, her husband, and their cat live in their home on the bay in Lancaster County VA. The Robersons love being on the water but also enjoy travel. Col. Roberson is a retired fighter pilot who became an ace during World War II and went on to serve 31 years in the Air Force. As a result of his interests, the Robersons go to several aviation meetings around the country every year where they renew old friendships.


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