Love Songs on the Journey, ISBN 0-9724165-0-1

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Poems and reflections on the journey to and with God.

Love Songs on The Journey

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 Book One
 Love Songs
 God Songs
 Personal Songs
 Nature's Songs
 Life Change Songs
 Book Two
 Recovery Songs
 Rachel's Songs
 Book Three 
 Journeying On Songs

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Love Songs on the Journey

Poems and reflections on the journey to and with God.

The purpose of this book is to explore the mystery of love, beginning with God. Life's journey is the awakening and struggle to bring God, Jesus, Spirit; into the center of one's life. We walk to God, more importantly with God, in every step.

Joseph Guion invites readers to reflect on the love relationships in these book sections:
  • Book One Wandering Songs of Love, God's Love, Personal Love, Nature and Life Changes.
  • Book Two Weeping Songs for September 11, 2001 and Church Illness.
  • Book Three Journeying on Songs the journey continues with hope and love.

    God, love, is life's focus on our journey

    128 pages. Price $12.95



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