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Amorous Accident: A Dog's Eye View of Murder (Paperback)
by Jean C. Keating
Kevin Andrews, a lieutenant of Richmond detectives and a cranky dieter, is assigned to investigate the homicide of a prominent oncologist and cancer researcher at the Commonwealth Cancer Institute. Various individuals connected with the homicide seem overly anxious to gain possession of two dogs found in the victim's lab. Andrews is determined to keep the dogs out of harm's way until he can discover the link between the canines and the murder, and maneuvers the Institute into allowing his godson's wife, Genna Colt, to care for them. That's when Andrews' troubles really begin. The bond and ability to communicate which exist between Genna and her shadow, a Papillon named Sky, are the gifts Andrews intends to use in extracting the knowledge of his canine witnesses to the murder. But Genna has strong feelings about animal welfare, a far too-intimate -in Andrews' judgment- acquaintance with computer accesses to data bases, an inquisitive attitude about murder, and an unsettling disrespect for legalities. Having placed his canine witnesses in Genna's protective cutody until he can solve the murder, Andrews unknowingly creates bigger problems for himself. Genna wants to solve the murder but is more interested in making certain the dogs are never returned to the lab)

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Editorial Reviews
Paul Aron, The Virginia Gazette, Nov. 10, 1999
"...a book for mystery lovers and dog lovers, under one cover."

Melissa Simpson, The Daily Press, March 19, 2000
"Keating weaves a good tale. Her passion for animal rights in laboratory testing comes across clearly -- as does her love and understanding of dogs." 

Product Details
  • Paperback: 264 pages
  • Publisher: Astra Publishing (October 18, 1999)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0967401607
  • Product Dimensions: 0.8 x 5.2 x 8.5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 12.5 ounces. 
  • Average Customer Review: based on 4 reviews. )
  • Sales Rank: #522,645 in Books

    Customer Reviews
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    Compelling and well planned, December 3, 2002
    Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA) - See all my reviews
    Jean C. Keating is a retired aeronautical engineer with NASA. She holds degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Information Systems, and authored more than 50 reports and studies in her work at NASA and as Research Coordinator for Virginia's higher education board. Amorous Accident was originally published in 1999, and her follow-up is in progress under the title of Brainy Bear: Death Takes Best Of Breed. Her specialty in the dog kingdom is papillons.

    Kevin Andrews is called in to investigate a particularly grisly homicide at an animal research lab. No one is too upset about the death of the scientist, Michael Porter, chief of research at a cancer institute. Andrews is a kindly veteran cop who loves animals. He enlists the help of his son and daughter-in-law, who have special expertise in the care of dogs and cats, by claiming two dogs whose future is dire if left in the lab. He has a long list of suspects, as Porter was not a popular figure, and the symbolic death left little doubt that the perp was an animal lover:

    "The senior detective paused to sip his coffee before continuing. 'Twill said the victim was killed by having acid poured down his throat, a rather brutal method wouldn't you think?' he asked rhetorically. 'Porter was awake and aware for a considerable time, about four or five very long minutes maybe. There were numerous ways to kill Porter without resorting to torture, if ending his life was the only objective. He was knocked unconscious first with a blunt instrument. He was helpless. Then he was trussed up in that metal rack for some reason and acid was forced down his throat.'"

    This remake of the classic Frankenstein/evil scientist story is a most satisfying plot for any dog lovers who worry about what goes on in research labs. Keating does a wonderful job of making the case against animal experimentation, and points out how the financial rewards can and do outstrip the usefulness of such practices. The plot moves along briskly; Keating hides the killer where no one thinks to look; and the characters (including the four-legged furry kind) are sweet beyond compare. Amorous Accident provides good instruction on just how smart and lovable animals are and how they are abused by greedy and sadistic people who belong not in a lab, but probably in jail. But don't fear...the story is compelling and well planned.

    Shelley Glodowski

    A mystery with a mission!, May 31, 2000
    Reviewer: Dennis Fried, Ph.D. (Osprey, Fl USA) - See all my reviews
    The real theme of this book is animal abuse and torture during research. The mystery involves a scientist who gets treated like he treated the dogs in his lab. Now, who could have dunnit?

    You'll be rooting for the dogs in this one. The book is an easy read, with a serious message. I enjoyed it!

    Delightfully entertaining, January 22, 2000
    Reviewer: A reader
    This book is delight to the eye, mind and soul. From the sky background cover which reflects the main canine character Sky to the fast paced plot which provides all the clues and dares you to solve the mystery, this story sings! I suspect the author reads poetry to her dogs, or maybe mysteries, or both. Caution: do not undertake as a bedtime story. You will not be able to put it down until you finish.

    Smart and articulate, January 17, 2000
    Reviewer: Heidi G (Lightfoot, Virginia) - See all my reviews
    This book seems to be the first work of Jean Keating. I found this title, intelligent and comical. The plot surrounds the brutal death of a research scientist known to use live animal subjects for his work. This book touches on the plight of the research animal and truly tugs at the heart strings. Meanwhile the comical lead detective and his furry nemesis are sure to keep you off the prozac. Only thing cuter than this cranky dieting sluth is the endearing world of Sky. A toy Papillon dog who "owns" his humans. A must for mystery buffs and dog lovers a like. I really enjoyed this book. I could not put it down. This book will speak to your mind as well as your soul.



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