A �how to� book

with focus on promotion

For Authors

By Authors

A primer for writers with books to sell, written by authors

with experience in promotion, publicity, and selling

in today�s expanding marketplace




�An invaluable resource for the author struggling with the elusive art of promotion. Highly recommended!

--Wendy Howell Mills, Author of Outer Banks mystery series and Island Intrigue, first of a new series


�Whether you have a major publishing house behind your book or you are self- published, the reality is: If the books get promoted and sold, you are going to have to be the one to do it. Published! Now Sell It!, the collaborative effort of five published authors, is well-written, well-organized, and contains an abundance of marketing ideas for those who are seriously interested in taking control and giving their book a chance to succeed in today's highly-competitive book market. If you want your book to be a financial success, you will not want to miss the many opportunities to market your book that are presented here by the authors who have used them.�

--Richard V. Bailey

Publisher Critics' Choice


�What a great idea! Published! Now Sell It! is filled with personal experiences showing the reader the in�s and out�s of 'right on' book promotion.�

�Rick Frishman, President of Planned TV Arts, Co-author, Guerrilla Marketing for Writers and Guerrilla Publicity

�Whether you sell out to a large New York publisher or publish yourself, the author must do the promotion. Publishers do not promote books. This insightful book is full of down-to-earth advice from authors who know from experience how to promote and sell books. Learn what these authors wish they had known when they first published their books. From niche marketing to media interviews�take an inside look at marketing and publicity from the viewpoint of experienced authors.�

�Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual

Published! Now Sell It! is full of practical tips and real-life stories. If the authors follow their own advice, this book should reach plenty of readers and writers.�

�Paul Aron, Author, 50 Day Trips From Williamsburg

�Many a book from a novice author collects dust in a book warehouse, because they assume the publisher will take care of their book�s promotion. WRONG. For a book to be a success, the author needs to be dedicated to getting the book in the public literary buzz. Published! Now Sell It! offers a guide to set up a promotional book campaign from five authors who have been there.�


Joyce Dixon

Southern Scribe 
Published!: Now Sell It!: A "How To" Book For Authors By Authors is an informed and informative guide compiled by the experienced and expert book publicity and marketing team of Mary Montague Sikes, Jean C. Keating, Mildred H. B. Roberson, E. R. Kallus and Joseph Guion. Published! will substantively help any novice (and even the seasoned writer) all along the process of publishing, marketing and advertising their book whether self-published, published by an independent press, or by a major publishing company. Deftly co-authored by an exceptionally knowledgeable team, Published! is a very highly recommended read for all writers, published or anyone aspiring to become a successfully published author.

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